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What you can do to support Israel

End the Co-op Boycott of Israeli Companies

The ZCC together with StandWithUs UK, are looking for Israel advocates willing to fight the Co-op's boycott of Israeli companies.

This is an initiative we have been involved with for four years and now that there are significant changes within the Co-op's structure there is currently a window of opportunity.

People are needed:-

1. To attend local Co-op meetings

2. Stand for local Co-op committees

3. Protest outside Co-op headquarters

4. To lobby Co-op executives and committee members

Any organisations, groups, individuals interested contact the ZCC at or 0161 740 88350161 740 8835

We will provide training!

Vote for Israel

If you are not satisfied with FIFA 15 Leagues list which does not include Israel, you can vote for the Israel league in FIFA 16. Show EA Sports that Israel should be officially licensed in FIFA 15.

Enter your vote for Israel below.


Please sign the petition below to stop Iran getting the Bomb

Care Packages to Israeli Sodiers                                                

The Zionist Central Council is asking its supporters to participate in the Zionist Federation's urgent appeal to send care packages to Israeli soldiers. For further information go to

Please sign the petition below to encourage the Irish Government to disarm Hamas

Tell FIFA not to suspend Israel from world football

This information is from our colleagues at the Jewish Leadership Council:


This Friday, 29th May 2015 the FIFA Congress is scheduled to debate and vote on a proposal from the Palestine FA to suspend the Israel FA from FIFA.


This is a politically motivated proposal which has everything to do with the strategy of the PA to isolate Israel in the International arena.


Football has long been above international politics and has been able to provide hope and optimism in areas where there are international conflicts. In the long history of FIFA, through multiple international political disputes, the FIFA Congress has, we believe, never voted to suspend a member Association. During the Balkan conflict, the Afghan and Iraq wars, the Somalia conflict, the civil wars in Sudan and in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, FIFA has kept itself above politics and has not taken steps that might favour one side or another in a political conflict. Ukrainian teams have had to play in Europe miles way from their stadium because Russian separatists have rendered them unplayable.

If, in these circumstances, FIFA were to debate and vote to suspend the IFA, having not done so in respect of any other Member Association, FIFA would be perceived to be unfairly discriminating against the State of Israel. That would be rightly seen as hugely discriminatory and prejudicial. It would tarnish the reputation of FIFA and bring criticism from Governments and Parliamentarians for allowing football to become embroiled in a complex international political dispute.

If you agree with us, you can apply pressure on FIFA to keep the proposal from being debated or to ensure that it is roundly defeated. Follow this link and tell FIFA what you think: