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What you can do to support Israel


Urgent please send your reply to the letter below as it could influence the British Government.

I am writing to inform you that I have commissioned a Parliamentary Inquiry into the antisemitism emanating from the Middle East conflict of July/August 2014. The purpose of the inquiry is to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of existing frameworks and plans for tackling anti-Jewish hatred. The Terms of Reference are as follows:

1. To consider the events of July/August 2014 and causes and consequences of the highest ever recorded number of antisemitic incidents during that period

2. To consider this in the light of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism

3. To review the situation in the UK in the light of similar events in Europe and draw any lessons that can be learnt

4. To identify and review the effectiveness of existing legal and other frameworks for addressing antisemitism in the UK, with a view to avoiding the extreme anti-Jewish violence in Europe that resulted from the conflict.

5. To identify models of best practice for guaranteeing intercommunal cohesion and Jewish communal welfare at times of increased tension.

The inquiry will be research based but those interested parties wishing to make written submissions of no more than 2,000 words are welcome to do so.

The following are general guiding questions for written submissions:
1. How do you believe the nature of antisemitism in the UK has changed, if at all, since 2005 and what evidence do you have to support this?
2. Do you believe the sources of contemporary antisemitism have changed?
3. Did you notice any specific differences over the summer during the period of increased violence in the Middle East?
4. What is your assessment of the policing of antisemitism? Are you aware of any prosecutions?
5. Do you think that the Government, parliament and civil society has reacted responsibly in addressing antisemitic concerns, through for example educational programmes and public statements? Are you able to specify programmes that you think have been successful?

Organisations and individuals wishing to make written submissions are invited to do so by 24 November 2014. Each submission should include the name and postal address of the individual or organisation and state whether it has been prepared specifically for the Inquiry. Where submitted by an organisation rather than an individual the submission should briefly explain the nature and membership of the organisation. A report is expected to be published in the late winter.

Submissions should be sent to the Clerk of the Inquiry at the address below. If possible, please supply an electronic version in MS Word by email.

Antisemitism Inquiry Telephone: 020 7219 1739
Room 2-23 Email:
1 Parliament Street

Yours Sincerely,

John Mann MP


 The ZCC is delighted to support a North West Friends of Israel event to be held on Thursday Dec 11, 2014 from 8-10pm at King David High School, Manchester.

North West Friends of Israel present John Mann MP and Ivan Lewis MP in conversation with Karen Phillips MBE, followed by special guest Jonathan Hunter (Campus Director for StandWithUs UK) on the topic of "why I confronted George Galloway"

John Mann MP is the chairman of the All-Parliamentary Committee on anti-Semitism and is currently writing a report on anti-Semitism arising out of the conflict in Israel this past summer.

Ivan Lewis MP is the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

This will be a most interesting talk and the audience will be able to ask questions and raise issues about anti-Semitism in the UK.

Afterwards there will be an optional social media workshop to help people who want to be more active on Israel's behalf on Twitter and Facebook.


The Zionist Central Council is asking its supporters to participate in the Zionist Federation's urgent appeal to send care packages to Israeli soldiers. For further information go to


Please also write to your MP and tell them to support Israel in the face of terrorism. We know that anti-Israel activists in the UK have launched a letter-writing campaign to MPs attempting to blame Israel for violence that has been initiated and escalated by Hamas.


The website from our friends at We Believe in Israel below provides a guide to enable you to tell the media the truth about Israel: