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What you can do to support Israel

Campaign to stop funding the PA

The ZCC is pleased to support United With Israel's campaign to stop funding the PA.

Below is a link to a Petition to the United States and to the European Union to demand that all funding of the PA be stopped immediately. Unity with Hamas led to brutal murders, thousands of rockets and ongoing incitement against Israeli citizens. Prosecuting Israel for “war crimes” is despicable and makes funding the PA against US law.

Campaign to Launch anti-BDS initiative in European Parliament

 The ZCC is urging its supporters to lobby their MEP to support an anti-BDS initiative in the European Parliament

The initiative is from Italian MEP Fulvio Martusciello, a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest in the European Parliament. Mr. Martusciello also chairs the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with Israel.

Mr. Martusciello together with supporters from other EU political groupings, said he will launch a new initiative to create a legal tool against boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) movements.

‘’This initiative will take the form of a formal parliamentary resolution, based upon current French legislation that already outlaws many types of BDS,’’ he said in an op-ed published in the London’s Jewish News.

He said the resolution ‘’will need to be widely supported by all of those committed to the EU-Israel relationship.’’

‘’I hope that all UK supporters of Israel will lobby their MEPs to support my counter-boycott initiative,’’ he said in his op-ed about the challenges faced by Israel in the EU, citing a constant call in Europe for economic, academic and other boycotts of Israel, threatening Israeli leaders with legal suits for “criminal acts” against the Palestinians and calls for labelling of products from the West Bank or the Golan Heights.

‘’My role as chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the state of Israel is important to promote those in Europe who have a positive say on the EU-Israel partnership along with the Israeli voices which can tell us about the democratic realities in the country,’’ Martusciello wrote.

‘’We can no longer accept some principles that are jeopardising EU-Israel relations, such as the principle of political compromise, always taking a unilateral critical voice against Israel and that is not shared by many politicians among the political scene in Europe,’’ he added.

He said many of his colleagues in the European Parliament share his idea but are blocked by the political group’s position.

‘’A European unilateral voice is important as long as it does not endanger relations of mutual interest, therefore we must able to divide our opinions if necessary,’’ he said.

Protest to United Electrical Workers (USA) about their Israel Boycott

The United Electrical Workers (UE), a major American labor union, has lent a hand to the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment) movement when it passed a resolution calling for a boycott on Israel over its so-called “apartheid” policies.

The resolution passed by the 30,000-member organization blames the Israel-Palestinian conflict on the creation of the Jewish State.

The problem, is that the resolution does not endorse a “two-state solution” and neglects to condemn the terrorism perpetrated by terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

It accuses Israel of racism, genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and “waging a merciless war on the impoverished population of Gaza.”

All of which is false of course.

Below is a link to the Resolution:

We Need YOU to Protest this Anti-Israel Resolution!

1. Call United Electrical: 001-412- 471-8919

2. Email United Electrical at:


Protest Reykjavik ban on Israel

Please post on Björk Vilhelmsdóttir's Facebook page and protest her anti-Semitic action.

Please post on Reykjavik Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson's Facebook page

Please also email and who serve as assistants to the Mayor.

Protest about the flying of Hamas and Hezbollah flags

The protest againt Benjamin Netayahu's recnt visit to London included people flying the flags of the terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah. You can read more about what happened here: and watch this video made by an activist:

We are supporting We Believe in Israel's campaign to ask people to write to their local MP to draw this to their attention and ask them to write to the Home Secretary urging the Government and police to clamp down on displays of support for terror organisations.

Donate to Bikurim Music School in Israel

The ZCC is please to promote an JNF's Bikurim Music School project located in Ma’ale Habesor, in the Eshkol Regional Council, located in the western Negev.

The Bikurim Music School is an initiative to provide a world-class, intensive, performing arts school and residence to high school students with significant artistic potential but from disadvantaged homes throughout Israel, with particular emphasis on the southern half of the country.

For information about the project click the websites below:

Fight the BDS

An excellent resource to fight the BDS can be found at the website below:

Campaign regarding the removal of the Chaim Herzog birthplace plaque in Belfast 

The ZCC is delighted to support Northern Ireland Friends of Israel's campaign regarding the removal of the Herzog plaque in Belfast - an on line exhibition about the Herzog family in Belfast can be found on the website below:

End the Co-op Boycott of Israeli Companies

The ZCC together with StandWithUs UK, are looking for Israel advocates willing to fight the Co-op's boycott of Israeli companies.

This is an initiative we have been involved with for four years and now that there are significant changes within the Co-op's structure there is currently a window of opportunity.

People are needed:-

1. To attend local Co-op meetings

2. Stand for local Co-op committees

3. Protest outside Co-op headquarters

4. To lobby Co-op executives and committee members

Any organisations, groups, individuals interested contact the ZCC at or 0161 740 88350161 740 8835

We will provide training
Please sign the petition below to stop Iran getting the Bomb

Care Packages to Israeli Sodiers                                                

The Zionist Central Council is asking its supporters to participate in the Zionist Federation's urgent appeal to send care packages to Israeli soldiers. For further information go to

Please sign the petition below to encourage the Irish Government to disarm Hamas