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What you can do to support Israel

The ZCC is pleased to support Northwest Friends of Israel's rally in Cathedral Gardens (behind the National Fotball Museum), Manchester city centre on Sunday 19 October 2.00-4.00 PM.

Our message will be "Say no to antisemitism".

We know that people are afraid to wear kippoth across Europe from France to Belgium, Holland to Sweden, Austria to Germany.

We know that the de-legitimisation of Israel is a thinly disguised attack on the right of Jewish people to express our self-determination in the way we choose to define it.

We know that the antisemites hide behind the badge of anti-Zionism.

We will not stand by and watch this creeping Worldwide and European anti-Semitism catch and grow. It is time to fight back.

We will not be bullied and intimidated. Together we are strong. The people of Britain need to see a united Jewish Community, proud of our religious and national identity, and proud to live in a free democratic British society.

At this rally we will wear our kippoth and magen davids with pride. We will display our Jewish symbols not because we our forced to sew them on our clothes but because they are a source of great pride to us.

We must show those bigots and haters that we are strong and proud to be British and Jewish.



Below is a link to the Boad of Deputies lastest news about what they are doing for both Israel and the Jewish Community:


The Zionist Central Council is asking its supporters to participate in the Zionist Federation's urgent appeal to send care packages to Israeli soldiers. For further information go to


Please also write to your MP and tell them to support Israel in the face of terrorism. We know that anti-Israel activists in the UK have launched a letter-writing campaign to MPs attempting to blame Israel for violence that has been initiated and escalated by Hamas, who have rebuffed Israel’s efforts to call a ceasefire, and to accuse Israel of “collective punishment” of Palestinians.


The website from our friends at We Believe in Israel below provides a guide to enable you to tell the media the truth about Israel: